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The Experience

TRIXIE LITTLE & THE EVIL HATE MONKEY are an award-winning acrobatic burlesque superduo that has been flipping and stripping for audiences since 2002. With highly skilled sexy-smart antics and a charming love-hate dynamic, Trixie and Monkey showcase trapeze, striptease, acrobatics and physical comedy in jaw-dropping burlesque, cabaret, variety and theater shows.

Mixing years of high level circus training, brilliant comedy and electric onstage chemistry their act defies description chemistry, and expectation.

Hailing from the shamelessly eccentric city of Baltimore (aka "Charm City"), Trixie and Monkey have performed with John Waters, The Flaming Lips, four consecutive Virgin Mobile Music Festivals, Rothbury Music Festival, the Philly, DC and Brighton, England Fringe Festivals, Tease-o-rama 2/3, all seven New York Burlesque Festivals, have earned a "Best of Baltimore" vote and are the winners of Las Vegas' 2006 Exotic World Best Burlesque Duo trophy. They also performed in the premiere episode of "The Gong Show with Dave Attel" on Comedy Central and on season 4 of "America's Got Talent".

In New York City, the two are regular late-night fixtures everywhere from uber-exclusive nightclubs like The Box to long-running burlesque shows like The Slipper Room, and have been called "the only way to end the party" by the Village Voice.

Trixie and Monkey have a repertoire of over 30 different acts and two full length theater shows...they are simply the most ridiculously entertaining act imaginable.

The History

Long ago in Charm City, before there was Trixie Little, there was Tiny T. Tiny T was born into a third generation American circus family known for staging elaborate acrobatic stunts.

After a tragic elephant tight rope accident left her orphaned at a young age, Tiny T and her pet monkey, Muddles, were forced to live with mean Uncle Tosso- the knife thrower.

Life with Tosso was hard. Tiny T often had to practice knife throwing with Tosso...as his target.

And after being forced into a cage for the first time in his life, Muddles was becoming very cranky

One day, Tosso's trailer was struck by a bolt of unusual pink lightning. This bolt of lightning killed Tosso immediately and created unusual side effects for the other two that amplified certain aspects of their personalities.

Tiny T was frozen at her pre-pubescent height and her cuteness amplified to gigantic proportions, creating the pint-sized powerhouse that is now known as Trixie Little. While the same powerful electric shock turned Muddles, the abused circus monke into a pissed off primate known forever after as The Evil Hate Monkey.

Thusly endowed...Trixie and Monkey travel the world in the circus tradition-fighting, dancing, flipping and stripping for audiences far and wide.

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